Exploring Ghana's Sustainable Beauty Industry with Alexis Krauss and Bethany Cosentino

June 13, 2016 3:15 PM

Bethany Cosentino and Alexis Krauss are one half of seminal indie groups Best Coast and Sleigh Bells, but they're also strong advocates for sustainability. In this episode of Business As Usual, we follow the pair as they travel to Ghana to explore the economy of shea butter and learn how fair trade benefits the women who farm and process it.

"Being frontwomen of bands," says Krauss, "we like to use that platform to advocate for the causes we believe in." Last year, Krauss and Cosentino boarded a plan to Africa, where they met the women of Christian Mothers Association, who together with Global Mamas, are striving to make the country's shea industry into a sustainable economy together. "Women in the north have the skill in making shea butter, but there's poverty, that is what constrains them," explains president Georgina Adaliba. "The most important thing to us is for the women to be able to sell butter frequently and make money."

But, as the duo learn, the production of shea butter is tedious and the harvesting of materials is dangerous. "As consumers we need to know the stories behind our products," says Krauss, whose Beauty Lies Truth blog is helping spread the word about Christian Mothers' mission. "This is just one stepping stone in something that I ultimately want to grow." Watch Business As Usual: Sleigh Bells and Best Coast above.